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Are Eyelash Extensions Really So Awesome? All the Pros and Cons

07 Apr, 2020
By Andie Reeves
Eyelash extensions are everywhere these days, and with good reason too. The treatment leaves you with super glam, gravity-defying lashes that look so good most women don’t even bother wearing any other makeup with them.

But with so much good there has to be a downside, right? If you’re thinking of getting eyelash extensions you’ll need to consider the pros and cons. Here is the good, the bad (and the surprising) on what it’s like to have eyelash extensions...

The Pros

You will save lots of time in the mornings
Apart from how they look, this is one of the biggest pluses of lash extensions.  Once they’re on, you can lay your mascara wand and lash curlers to rest. You just won’t need them. You will look so glam that anything more than a light layer of something on your skin will feel too dolled-up; most women skip eye makeup altogether.

This also means no worrying about panda eyes appearing as the day goes on, no touch ups throughout the day and less time spent washing your face.

They last pretty long
Many people complain that lash extensions don’t last for long enough considering what they cost. But if you take good care of them you will only need to get a full set put on every five to six weeks, which is not too bad.

Around week three you might start to notice random lashes falling out; it’s sad but it’s normal. It’s all to do with the natural growth cycle of your own lashes which is around 4-6 weeks - as they fall out so do your extensions. You can choose to extend their life with regular top ups every three weeks or so. Otherwise when you only have a few stragglers left, it’s time to go in and have them redone.

Your own lashes won’t get damaged
When you put gel on your nails your natural nail really suffers, so does the same apply to getting eyelash extensions? Luckily not.

People who say their own lashes looked thinner afterwards probably did the one thing you’re really not supposed to do with lash extensions: pick at them. This can be tempting in the last stages of your lashes’ lifespan but it can mean you pick your actual eyelashes off accidentally. Let them fall out naturally or get a professional to do it for you. Any of your own lashes that do fall off will grow back; don’t stress.

It is recommended that you give your natural lashes some time to breathe every four months. During this bare stage take it easy on the eye makeup and still be really gentle when dealing with your eye area. Avoid using a lash curler (this can break brittle lashes) and if necessary, use a lash growth serum like Mavala Double Lash.
They are customisable
Eyelash extensions aren’t as simple as sticking on a strip and heading out the door. Individual lashes are painstakingly glued onto your own lashes, making the whole experience totally customisable. So if you don’t want to look too OTT you can opt for shorter lashes, or a ‘half-set’, which looks more natural.

Before your appointment you can browse through the salon’s menu to see the different types and shapes of lash extensions they offer. The most popular is the cat eye: with the longest lashes on the outer corners of your eye, giving you a permanently winged look. But you can switch it up according to your eye shape, for example down-turned eyes would benefit from having the longest lashes in the centre of their eyes.

The amount of curl also varies. A ‘J’ curl is the most natural while a ‘C’ curl gives way more drama. Your technician will have a consultation with you beforehand, ensuring you get exactly what you want and what will suit what you’ve already got going on.

Your eyes will thank you
Some women report that the lines around their eye area are less defined after getting eyelash extensions. This could be because not wearing mascara means not scrubbing mascara off every night. This rubbing motion takes its toll on your super sensitive skin in the eye area, worsening the wrinkles there. So extensions offer your skin a bit of a break...

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The Cons

Getting them put on is a bit of a process
Your appointment isn’t a quick in and out; it can take around two hours. That’s two hours of lying as still as you can and not moving or touching your eyes. Some people actually see this as a pro of getting eyelash extensions, because how often do you spend two whole hours chilling out and not looking at your phone these days?

You also can’t get your eyes wet for about 24 hours after application. This means your appointments need to be scheduled carefully as you won’t be able to swim, gym or shower for a whole day after each session.

They’re expensive
We won’t lie to you and say that the amount you’ll save on mascara makes it worthwhile because lash extensions are pretty expensive. A full set can cost around R1 000 and top ups around R500 every 2 to 3 weeks. This is one time you don’t want to go cheap - choose an experienced technician with care.

You might have to switch up your sleeping style
Lying on your stomach or side can crush the lashes and they won’t look fresh for as long. If you really want to get bang for your buck, you’re going to have to become a back sleeper. But this might also be seen as a pro, because lying on your back is also good to prevent premature face and chest wrinkles.

Using a silk pillowcase will also keep your lash extensions in a good space as they’re less likely to snag like they would with cotton.
You need to wash them carefully
Washing your face is a whole new experience as well, as rubbing your eyes in any way is bad for your eyelash extensions. Instead of the usual method it’s recommended you scrub your lower face and forehead as usual then gently use your fingers around your eye area using as little friction as possible.

You do still need to wash your eyes, as build up from make up or dust can collect, especially along the lash line. To remove eye shadow, use an oil-free make up remover and an ear bud so you can be extra precise about where you are cleaning and not rub your extensions.

Avoid anything oily - make up removers and cleansers that contain Polyethylene Glycol, Hexalene Glycol, Butylene or Propylene Glycol - or face oils and greasy eye creams, as these can wear down the glue used for your lashes. And if you can’t be bothered to carefully wash your face in sections every morning then makeup remover wipes will become your new best friend.

Our product picks: Almay Eye Makeup Remover Non-Oily Pads, Mavala Eye Makeup Remover Gel, Garnier Micellar Extra Gentle Cleansing Wipes and Dove Cosmetic Wipes.

…And comb them
Like your hair you’ll need to brush your lashes. After your shower you’ll notice your lashes look a bit all over the place. Place your finger underneath them and, using a clean and dry spoolie brush, gently brush your lashes onto your finger, the opposite of how you would put on mascara.  A gentle blast from your hairdryer on the cool setting can also help set them in place.

Our product picks: Use Basics Disposable Mascara Wands as your spoolies or you can try Cala’s Eyelash and Brow Groomer.

You’ll need to go easy on the makeup
After spending all that time and money you are going to want to get the most wear out of your lashes as possible, and this will require a few tweaks to your daily life.

You won’t need to wear mascara - and make sure you don’t, as it will damage your extensions. Also ditch any loose power or glitter eye shadow as these can build up at the root of your lashes and weaken them.

If you just can’t go without a cat-eye then you will need to stick to gel and liquid formula eyeliners, and make sure you apply them just above the lash line.

Our product picks: LA Girl Gel Liner, Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner, Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner and Almay Intense I Colour Gel Liner.

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If this all sounds a little overwhelming, and you’re feeling that the upkeep and cost may be a bit too much, then consider starting out with a Keratin lash lift which also delivers pretty impressive results…

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