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Tired of Being Tired? 11 Easy Things You Can Do to Sleep Better

30 May, 2017
By BeYoutiful vlogger
Your energy, productivity and mood levels are all hugely affected by the amount of shut-eye you're getting, but just getting your 7-8 hours a day isn't enough - you need to sleep better too. A good night's sleep is your body's way of looking after your overall health and wellbeing and also making sure you are at your best and brightest during the day.

Why Is Sleep So Important?

Think of it as your body's chance to reboot, recharge, and prepare for the next day. Long-term sleep deficiency has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, over-eating and a weak immune system. You're also likely to suffer from a short attention span, be over-emotional and struggle to make decisions, (extreme cases have been linked to depression) if you're having restless nights. And there is also a nasty beauty side effect - you will more than likely see your skin deteriorate over time.
So, now we know we can'’t skip on the sleep but what exactly constitutes a 'good night's sleep'? Consider these four factors: you fall asleep within 30 minutes of lying down, you only wake up once (if at all) in the middle of the night, if you do wake up in the night you take under 20 minutes to fall back to sleep and you spend less than 15% of your bedtime lying awake. If you said 'yes' to all of these facts then congratulations, you're getting a good night's sleep!
But wait, before you get too smug remember that just because you are getting your 8 hours doesn't mean your sleep quality is necessarily good. Think about those times where you've slept for 10 hours yet still wake up feeling exhausted; why is that?
There are a number of things you could be doing 'wrong', from looking at your phone too often to going to bed too early. No matter if you've got insomnia or you're a serial over-sleeper, you can benefit from reassessing your sleep practice. Everything from your bedroom to your eating habits plays a role in your quality of sleep and these are a few of the easiest and most vital steps you can take to get some good shut-eye.

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Shut-Eye Secrets

Well & Good has more good advice on how to get a deep sleep every night, including deep breathing techniques, how to use yoga to relax as well as natural sleep supplements that actually work.
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