"Hi, I'm Valda, a self-confessed beauty addict and makeup passionista. It's so great to meet you."

I believe that every person is born beautiful, and with a few makeup skills and taking good care of their skin and body, can become even more beautiful than they already are …I did it, and you can too!

By understanding how you can enhance and optimise your natural beauty, you can create the very best version of yourself and walk into any room feeling super confident that you always look awesome. And confidence in yourself is one of the best inner beauty assets you can have…

Welcome to BeYou[tiful] and Makeup Made Easy – and taking the first step to a more beautiful you!

BEYOUTIFUL - Your online beauty advisor expert

Welcome to your very own expert beauty advisor - right at your fingertips.

Drawing on years of experience, many hours of research and some of the most passionate and knowledgeable professionals in the business, BeYou[tiful] helps you with only the very best in-depth beauty advice – in a simple and straight forward way. Best of all - you can then buy the recommended products immediately online.

So the whole process becomes totally seamless – you now have a one-stop beauty advisor and a shop right at your fingertips. No more hassles trawling for answers online or tracking down a specialist beauty advisor instore. There's too much living to do out there with too little time…

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Are you struggling with a specific beauty problem? And despite all the advice and product recommendations you’ve got, it’s still not been sorted. Or do you need advice on how to achieve a certain makeup look?

You can now ask our experts for personalised help on any skin care, makeup, hair, body or health problems you may have. It’s easy – just click or tap on the ‘ask us’ button on our site. Or send us a mail to contact@beyoutiful.za.com.

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You want to know a little more about makeup, but just don’t know where to start. Maybe you are just starting out, or you’ve tried a few things before and given up in frustration. Perhaps your makeup is okay but you would like to up your game. Then you’re in the right place.

Makeup Made Easy is an online video tutorial programme that will teach you to apply your makeup just like a pro. You’ll learn everything a makeup artist is taught in 35 easy to follow step-by-step makeup tutorials – all the basics covering face, eye and lip makeup – and a number of simple but stunning looks for different occasions. Plus, you’ll get masses of insider tips to take your face and makeup to the next level. And the best part? You’ll have me as your personal guide and mentor right throughout the course. Interested? Learn more here.



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