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A How to Guide on The Brushes You Need for Super Easy Flawless Makeup

23 Mar, 2017
By BeYoutiful vlogger
A lot of us don't give a second thought to our makeup application, choosing to just use the applicators that came with our products or our fingers. However, we bet you've always wanted that perfectly flawless makeup artist finish but just didn’t know how to get it. The secret to that finish is in the application. That's the reason why the pros won't go anywhere without their tools. 
Think about your made-up face as a work of art with you as the artist and how you wouldn't catch Da Vinci painting with his fingers. Whether it's perfectly arched brows, a super neat lipstick application or that airbrushed look from a well-applied foundation you're after, there’s a brush for that. You'd be surprised just how easy it is up your makeup game with a few well selected tools.
Apart from the flawless finish you want to achieve, there are other good reasons for using brushes. Using your fingers means you could be transferring blemish-causing bacteria to your face or product. Fingers and sponge applicators are also not as precise so your application is likely to be thin and uneven. And did you know that you actually use less product by using a brush? So you can even save money if you use the right tools. Here are the tools to choose and use to up your makeup game right now.

Keep It Clean

To keep all that nasty bacteria at bay, you should wash your sponges and brushes after every few uses. When washing your brush try to avoid its base as this could weaken the glue and cause the bristles to fall out. Combine baby shampoo (gentle on your tools) and a few drops of tea tree oil (it kills the bacteria) with a little warm water. Wet the bristles and gently work the soapy mixture through them with your fingers. Then run under warm water until it runs clean. Reshape your brush and leave it to dry on a towel.
For sponges, run under warm water then add a bit of shampoo or a mild soap and squeeze it until it lathers. Rinse the sponge with warm water until it runs clean, wring it out gently and leave it to air dry.

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Do you have a beauty problem that’s really bugging you? Ask our experts now.


Do you have a beauty problem that’s really bugging you? Ask our experts now