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Here’s How to Choose Your Absolutely Ideal Lip Colour

16 Jul, 2019
By Andie Reeves
Sadly, selecting the right shade for your lips isn't as easy as picking the colour you're most attracted to in the make up aisle. We're sure you’ve had a situation where you bought a lipstick based on how cute you thought the colour was (or you were swayed by its fun name, we’ve all been there) but every time you put it on it doesn't quite work...

It's probably because it's just not the right shade for you. Sorry to say but, that’s not about to change so it's best to throw it away or give it to a friend.

Finding a lipstick colour that is best for you is based on a whole bunch of things – whether you have a warm, cool or neutral skin undertone; a fair, medium, olive or dark skin tone; the colour of your eyes; and yes, even your nipples. But once you’ve finally got it, you’d be amazed at just how much it can totally change your face.

Here’s how you can choose the perfect lipstick colour for your pout…

Start with Your Skin Undertones

If you don't know what undertones your skin has, often struggling to know whether you should be choosing cool or warm tones, it’s surprisingly easy to learn.
Undertones are not related to skin colour but to the underlying base tone of your skin. Generally we only notice them when we’ve clearly chosen a super unflattering shade for ourselves. This is why an olive-skinned girl pulls off that bronze brown lippie so well but it just looks weird on a super pale skin.
The colour of your skin is very different from your undertone and can vary. As an example, you might have a summer tan which makes your skin darker but would still have cool undertones, which will affect what colours suit you.
The relatively fool proof way to discover your undertones is to look at the veins in your wrists. If your veins appear olive or green you have warm undertones, if they look blue or purple then your undertones are cool, and if your veins look both blue and green then you have neutral undertones.  
  • If you have cool undertones your skin usually has a pink, red or blue-ish tint to it, you burn easily in the sun, and silver jewellery suits you best. Choose lipsticks with blue or purple undertones to best complement your skin. We don't mean reach for the bright purple lippie (unless you want to), but rather choose choose reds, pinks, berries, plums and mauves with cool undertones to them. Stay away from anything bronzy or with a hint of orange to it, which will look garish, or too-pale tones, that will leave you looking washed out.
  • Warm undertones have a golden yellow or olive tinge to their skin, tan easily and look great wearing gold jewellery. Most South African women have warm undertones. Play up your golden glow with warm lipstick shades (think super red reds, rich bronzes and chocolates, warm corals or bold oranges). Skip over anything too pretty-pink or with purply-blue undertones that will clash with your skin.
  • If you have neutral undertones then lucky you, you look great in most colours (and suit both gold and silver jewellery). You can pretty much pick whatever colours you want when it comes to playing around with lipsticks, but if you need more help read on for a few more tips.
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Match Your Every Day Lipstick to Your Skin Tone

While everyone's skin will be different there are a few general rules that are pretty safe to play by when buying lipstick. Assess your basic skin tone (it's usually something to do with whatever it says on your foundation, like ' ivory', ' mahogany' or 'natural beige').  
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Choosing the Best Nude Shade for Your Skin Tone

A few years back there was a craze which involved matching your lipstick to the colour of your nipples (yes, you read that correctly). It all started with a snippet in The Doctors TV Show which you can see here. While in many cases, it can be surprisingly accurate – after all the best lipstick shade should always match your skin tone - sometimes it can go wrong, especially if you have very fair or dark skin.
Instead, it’s a lot more accurate to follow the guidelines that all makeup artists use. Firstly, your best nude lipstick should normally be one or two shades darker than your skin tone (you can go lighter with dark skin tones). The perfect nude should also be a balance of warm and cool shades – it shouldn’t look too pink or grey but it shouldn’t look too orange either.
With dark skin tones, you have a lot of room to play with shades from creamy, dark caramels to rich cocoas, depending upon the colour of your natural complexion.
Those of you with medium and olive skin tones look amazing in beiges, browns and even a mauve-based nude for a slightly darker toned skin.
And if you have fair or light skin, pink- or rose-tinted shades will beautifully tone with your face.
Remember that your top lip and bottom lip are not the same colour, and the next best shade to match your personal nude tone to would be the colour of your top lip.
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Look At Your Eyes When Choosing Red Lipsticks

We now know to match our lipstick shades to our skin (by our skin tones and undertones) but there's another part of your body that could hold the key to finding the perfect hue.
Skin has the tendency to change, be it from the change in weather or from using bronzers or highlighters, but your eyes are a constant in their colour. Try matching your lipstick shade to your eye colour to get a look that both enhances your lips and makes your eyes pop; the perfect double whammy.  Read More. Finding the Most Awesome Red Lipstick for You Is Actually Easy

To Find the Perfect Nude Lipstick – Check under Your Shirt!


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