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These Beauty and Makeup Trends Are Going to Be Big In 2018

23 Jan, 2018
By Andie Reeves
Where do you turn to for beauty inspo and ideas? Chances are it’s the most drool-worthy site on the internet: Pinterest. Here is where people pin photos of their #hairgoals, make up inspiration, DIY beauty tricks and more. So it’s a pretty good place to get an idea of what’s hot and what’s not.

Luckily for us Pinterest gather their yearly data and predict what beauty and makeup trends everyone will be jumping on. Last year was about big, bold brows and putting glitter everywhere from your hair to your cheeks. This year there is a huge emphasis on skin care and hair care. Not only do we want our skin and hair to look good, but we want it to be super healthy too.

When it comes to knowing what colours are going to be trending we can rely on Pantone. They announced that the colour of 2018 is Ultra Violet, a blue-tinged purple colour that is vibrant, bright and energetic. Last year’s colour, Greenery, didn’t exactly permeate the world of fashion and beauty like we thought it would, but then not everyone can pull off green eye shadow. Ultra Violent is a way more versatile and exciting colour and you can be sure that it’s going to be popping up in make up ranges, fashion lines and interior décor throughout the year.

This year you can expect your skincare routine to get an oily makeover, your hair to reach new extreme lengths, your shampoo and conditioning regime to change, your make up palates to grow in size, your foundation to finally match your skin perfectly and more. Here are the trends that are worth investing in for 2018:

#1. Derma Rollers

Online searches for ‘derma roller’ have gone up by a massive 345%. Face rollers made out of jade have been a beauty secret for hundreds of years in China and are popping up on every beauty blogger’s skincare shelves now too.

They are said to calm puffiness, reduce under-eye bags, stimulate circulation and drain your lymph nodes. Your face roller is best used straight after you’ve applied your serum to help it really absorb into your skin.

You can order your jade roller from Derma Roller Systems South Africa.

#2. Microneedling

Another form of face rolling is in, only this time the roller isn’t made of cool and smooth jade, it’s made of lots of tiny needles. Sounds terrifying, but it’s not that bad and could be your NBF if you’re as obsessed with anti-ageing techniques as we are.
The process makes thousands of tiny holes in your skin, which prompts your skin to produce more collagen. And we all could do with some more collagen.
You can get microneedling done by a professional or you can order your own roller and do it yourself. It also makes your skin super receptive to treatment products so is the best time to apply your favourite serum.
Just be sure to watch a lot of YouTube tutorials first and be super hygienic with your roller.

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#3. Complexion Matching Foundations

We can thank HRH Rihanna for reinventing the make up range in 2017. Her super inclusive foundation collection gave a much-needed wake up call to the beauty industry and had other brands, like Kylie Cosmetics, clamouring to catch up.

Pinterest saw more and more people searching for ‘complexion matching’ make up. This year is going to be all about perfect skin, no matter what your skin tone.

If you need some help with colour matching, here's how to find the best foundation shade for your skin tone. And if you find you haven't got the right shade but don't want to throw your product out, a neat trick is to adjust the colour with Catrice Prime & Fine Makeup Transformer Drops available in either dark or light.

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#4. Cleansing Oils

For too long people have been mistaken that using oil to cleanse your face will make your skin more oily. This myth is being debunked and searches for 'cleansing oils' have increased by 555% online.

The method involves using an oil blend and a warm face cloth to gently cleanse skin and 'melt' your make up off. It means no vigorous eye rubbing and no weird ingredients you can't pronounce in your skincare routine.

We recommend one of the more popular makeup cleansing oils - Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover.

#5. The Pixie Cut

While 2017 was all about the lob (that’s a long bob BTW), 2018 looks to be less about being caught in the middle and more about extremes. On one end of the spectrum is the pixie cut.

Searches for the super short and cute ‘do have increased by 130%. If you’ve been considering the big chop but haven’t had the guts to do it yet 2018 is your time to try it. Look at Cara Delevingne’s crop for inspo. Use Redken’s Water Wax to help with styling.

#6. Super Long Hair

On the other end of the hair length spectrum we have another trend: really, really long tresses. We can probably blame Beyoncé and her outrageously lengthy extensions she’s been parading around for this trend.
If you’ve got the length then it’s just about maintenance (that means regular trims; split ends are *not* on trend). Keep those ends in check with ghd’s Advanced Split End Therapy. Otherwise treat yourself to OTT extensions; the longer the better.

#7. Vitamin C Serums

The best vitamin on the block that’s proven to be a little miracle worker for your skin is Vitamin C. It can improve your skin’s texture and decrease environmental damage to the skin, making it great for anti-ageing, as well as brightening the skin.

Searches for ‘Vitamin C serums’ have increased by 3379%. Believe the hype and add some to your skincare routine. TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum for Face is one of Amazon’s cult beauty products with a 6700-strong raving fan base. You can also boost your face with Skin Republic’s Brightening Vitamin C Mask.

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#8. All-In-Ones

In 2018 we are being smart about our money and the space in our make up bags.
The interest in ‘make up kits’ is on the up, showing that people want convenience and ease.
This means less separate products and more palettes that have eye shadow, highlighter, bronzer and blush all in one, or separate eyeshadow palettes (like Beauty Treats Professional Palette, Catrice’s The Ultimate Chrome Collection Eyeshadow Palette and LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadows), or contouring and highlighting collections like the one from Maybelline.

#9. Geometric Nail Art

We love it when a nail trend is easy to do yourself at home. This year is going to be all about geometrics, (i.e. negative space, angular shapes and simple lines) when it comes to nail art.
Much easier than trying to paint a delicate flower on your fingertips, you can use tape to create straight lines and nail pens to draw dots. This works best with a monochrome palate but the trend is broad so feel free to experiment with brights.
If you are a little hesitant about doing your mani with tape, try the easy route with Essence Cut Out Manicure Stencils.

#10. Lip Tints

The bold, over-lined, matte lip that the Kardashians brought to popularity is on its way out. The lips of the future are way more subtle and easy to achieve when you aren’t a professional make up artist.
Lip tints, also known as lip stains, are going to be everywhere this year. The best bit is they’re uber low-maintenance: the undefined and natural look means you don’t have to stress about constantly touching up. Our fave is Revlon Kiss Balm – try either the yummy Fresh Strawberry or the refreshing Crisp Apple.

#11. Bright Eyes

You can pack away your nude palates for the year. People are turning to the internet to find inspiration for ways to wear their eye shadow in the hues of the year: bright bolds. No colour is too vibrant and the rules of how to apply it are out the window too. The Beauty Treats Professional Palette has a huge range of 78 colours you can choose from.
One look gaining popularity is the underliner: a simple, bold stripe of colour underneath your bottom lashes. L’Oréal has two very wearable shades in their Infallible Gel Crayon range - I've Got The Blue and Violet Va Va Voom.
Another way to wear your bright shadow this year is a smudge of it in the inner corner of your eye.  Our pick is Revlon Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow in Black Currant, a gorgeous violet shade which is right on trend.
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#12. Slicked-Back Hair

If you like a low-maintenance look when it comes to your hair then you’re in luck for 2018. The search for slicked back hair ideas is on the rise.
It’s ideal for bad hair days: Greasy hair? Slick it back. Hair that just won’t cooperate? Slick it back. Did you put too much product in? Perfect, add some more and slick it back. Sorted!
We recommend a strong hold styling gel like the one from the Revlon Flex range to style and keep your hair in place.

#13. Wavy Hair

The carefree beach-y wave hairstyle is here to stay it seems (it’s also big for Winter 2018). Women are still searching for tips on how to nail this look, including the best creams and sprays, heat-free ways to style them, and how to get the hang of curling your hair with a curling wand.
Perfect the art of wavy hair and you’ll always look like you’ve just stepped off the beach (minus that dry feeling salt water gives you, yay!). Paul Mitchell’s Twirl Around Curl Definer and ghd’s Curl Hold Spray will help you along.

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#14. Big Lashes

Now we’re not saying that brows are out but the bold eyebrows of last year are being edged out of the spotlight by your other best asset: your lashes. We’re seeing a surge of interest in ways to make your lashes look way more luscious.
Some methods are more DIY (like layering your lashes with talcum powder to add volume), while others require some professional help (like the super popular keratin lash lift). Or you can choose to boost your lash growth and thickness with a treatment like Mavala Double Lash.
Whether you choose to stick some falsies on yourself or get a professional to do it for you, just make sure your lashes are on point this year.

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#15. Healthy Hair

If you’re wearing your hair super long or in a pixie cut, slicked back and sleek or worn in loose waves, no matter the look you’re after we can all agree on one thing: we want healthy hair. The emphasis on healthy hair is on the up this year, especially with cheaper DIY solutions.
If you have colour-treated, curly or thick hair this could be the year you try ‘co-washing’. It’s short for ‘conditioner only’ washing and basically eliminates shampoo from your routine. Conditioners do contain cleansing agents so with your hair texture you probably don’t need the sometimes too-harsh stripping effects of a shampoo. Try it with your regular conditioner (a professional product like Indola Repair Conditioner is also a good choice) or with a specially formulated ‘co-wash’ conditioner.
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