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Is THIS Actually the Secret to A Perfectly Flawless Look All Day?

24 Jul, 2018
By Andie Reeves
Sometimes it feels like they just keep inventing more makeup products to get us to spend more money. Like how essential is a beauty blender really? And what happened in the last few years that suddenly meant if we don’t use setting spray our makeup will all just melt off? And will my brows really look that bad if I don’t gel them in place? And why, oh why, do I need to use a makeup primer when I’ve already layered up with serum, moisturiser and sunscreen?

Primer in particular has a bad rep for being a waste of time or money, but research shows that it’s actually a game-changer - one of those insider secrets for all day flawless looking makeup. Find out what exactly makeup primer does for you, how the different types of primer work (yes, you might need a separate one for your eyes) and see some common primer myths de-bunked.

What Does A Primer Even Do?

In short it preps your face before you put on your makeup. Makeup primers usually contain silicone which gives it that super soft, velvet-y feeling that makes your foundation glide on smoothly. Once applied to your face it acts like a second skin and because of the nature of silicone your makeup sticks to it.
  • It keeps your makeup in place for longer
    Have you ever dealt with the heartbreak of finally finding the right shade of foundation only to discover that it has zero staying power? Before you throw it away, or make peace with having to reapply every hour, get a makeup primer. It will grab hold of your foundation, making it last for hours longer than usual.

    If you don’t have an issue with the longevity of your foundation then you might not need a primer, especially if your foundation already has priming elements in it (look for labels like ’24-hour wear’ or ‘long-lasting’). However long wear is only one of the benefits that you get from using a primer.
  • It gives an airbrushed look
    Primer is kind of like Photoshop for your face. The formula fills in wrinkles, lines, acne scars and any other uneven areas of your face. This goes for large pores too, so it’s good news for those with oily skin who wish their pores weren’t so massive. Many primers are also illuminating for a perfect glowing finish.
  • It gets the best out of your products
    Like how artists prime their canvases to get their paint to come out just right, primer helps all the products you apply on top of it really work. Highlighters become extra glowy, foundation is super smooth, and coloured products come out the colour they’re supposed to.

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The Different Types of Makeup Primer

  • Face Primer
    If you’re only going to spend money on one type of makeup primer make it a face primer. And face primers can do more than make your foundation last longer and airbrush your face. Some have colour-correcting properties. For redness use a green-tinged primer, for sallow skin try one with a purple hue and to brighten dull skin use a pale pink primer. Others can help with issues like oiliness as they have a mattifying effect or brighten your face with illuminators.

    Using multi-purpose primers means you won’t have to apply as much foundation, leaving you with a lighter more natural look. You also won’t have to buy a new foundation as often.

    Our product picks: Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer, Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer, LA Girl Pro Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer, Almay Smart Shade Perfect - Correct Primer, Rimmel Fix & Protect Makeup Up Primer, Dermatin Pre-Cosmetic Illuminator Perfection Primer and BioNike Defence Color Primer Tone Evening Base.

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  • Lip Primer
    Of all the types of primer a lip primer is probably the least important. However, if you’re someone who hates having to run to the bathroom to reapply every half an hour then it could be a good investment buy for you.

    One of the tricks to all-night lip colour is filling in your lips with a lip pencil before applying your lipstick over it. The problem with this is you don’t always find the right lip pencil shade, plus it means having to spend more money on pencils (one for every lipstick you own!). Instead, use a clear lipliner pencil like Michelle Ori Lip Liner in Velvet Boundary.

    A lip primer is neutral in colour so can be worn under anything. It keeps your lippie in place and prevents feathering. And no, it’s not the same as just using a lip balm as it doesn’t leave your lips slippery.

    Pro tip: Use some foundation as a primer on your lips to neutralise your natural lip colour before you apply your lipstick so that the ‘true’ colour pops.
  • Eyeshadow Primer
    Straight after you’ve applied your eye shadow it’s hard to see why you’d need a primer, but it’s a couple hours later where you will see the difference. Without priming you will probably notice how your shadow slides into creases, leaving you with lines across your lids (especially if you have oily lids). So not the look you were going for that morning.

    Using an eyeshadow primer will make your lids look freshly applied for longer. Not only does it keep your shadow on for hours, it makes your colours come to life. Whatever you apply over a primed eyelid will be it’s ‘true’ colour (what it looks like in the compact) and will give a gorgeous even, smooth and matte finish.

    An eye primer is also multi-use. You can use it on your lips too if you can’t afford to shell out for a lip primer and on particularly uneven parts of your face like crow’s feet or acne scarring.

    Our product picks: Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow Primer and Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base.

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  • Lash Primer
    Another primer that isn’t completely necessary but gives amazing results. Lash primer coats your lashes with white, making whatever colour mascara you apply on top really pop. It will also give your lashes an extra coat of product, making them extra fat and plump.

    And if it’s big, bushy brows you’re after you can totally cheat it by slicking a layer of lash primer on them before using a tinted gel on top.

    Our product picks: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Primer and Essence Volume Booster Lash Primer.

Primer Myths Buster

  • Myth: A primer is a waste of money
    In fact, primer could save you money. Some primers are multi-purpose, meaning you can save on eye cream, moisturiser and even sunscreen. Also, you only need about a raisin-sized amount of primer so you won’t go through a bottle as quick as you might think.
  • Myth: Primers clog up your pores and make you break out
    If you break out in pimples it’s more likely that you had an irritation or inflammation just waiting to come to the surface any way and your make up pushed it over the edge. This means that primer is not the cause of your break out, and you need to rather focus on your skincare routine.

    Primers can actually act as a barrier between your skin and your foundation. This makes it great for those of us who are prone to breaking out after wearing makeup as it prevents your skin from soaking up your foundation.
    • Myth: A primer just doesn’t work for my skin
      Most people who experience caking or flaking even after using a primer probably just aren’t doing it right. There is only so much magic a primer can work, and you need to ensure that you’re sticking to a good skincare routine so that you’re not applying any kind of makeup on top of skin that is already super oily or dry.

      You could also be using the wrong primer formula. If you have dry skin then look for one with hydrating properties. For oily skin types try one that aims to absorb oil to further decrease the chances your face slides off in the heat. We love Catrice Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti Shine Base.

      Also make sure you’re not using a silicone-based primer with a water-based foundation or vice versa as this will make your foundation flake. Match up what your formulas are based on, like how you wouldn’t use a cream blush with a powder bronzer.

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