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These Beauty and Makeup Trends Are Going to Be Big In 2017

24 Jan, 2017
By BeYou[tiful]
We certainly had our share of the weird and wacky last year (although we have to admit it gave us lots of laughs!). All those nails full of pom poms, furry stuff and succulents (whaa?), everyone clamouring after the 100 layers of foundation, spray tan and lipstick challenges, coloured freckles and an Instagram favourite, the penis eyeliner.

But we had some goodies as well - the death of oh-so time consuming contouring, the rise of non-touring, matte lipstick and highlighters everywhere, those coveted bushy brows, the return of blue eyeliner, co-washing and those absolutely mesmerising glitter roots and pastel hair hues.

According to Pinterest's top 100 trends for 2017, a few of the best of 2016 have made it into the new year - big brows and charcoal masks (yay!), ash blonde and grey balayage (more subtle than ombré), chrome nails, braids all grown up into top knots - as well as glitter lips. 2017 also brings in a whole lot of newness like glitter strobing (notice a trend?), some serious draping (blush is the new contour), the welcome return of gloss (on lips, eyes, face - everywhere!) and super sexy soft blurry lips.

But first - the ta-da moment. Pantone's colour of the year for 2017 is (wait for it) - a zesty yellow toned hue called Greenery. So, expect to see lots more green in your life this year. Although a little unexpected, it seems to make sense after the somewhat tumultuous 2016 year - with the hope to refresh, reinvent, and reinvigorate the spirit as we ring in the new year.

For those of you who are dreading the thought of having to spend even more money to look absolutely on trend, here are some quick and easy tips to get some of the latest 2017 looks using the best of last year's makeup. For the rest, read on for some quick and easy ways to refresh your look right now.

Glitter Lips

Ever since leading edge MUA, Pat McGrath, introduced her vermillion glitter dusted lips at the Versace Couture show last year, sparkly pouts have gained a lot of ground. Before you think these are way too hectic to wear and go into reverse, know that it just takes a little bit of gloss over your regular lippie followed by a dusting of glitter powder to get this latest cool girl look. And it's a lot easier to wear than you think!

Lacquered Lids

Still a little cautious about trying glitter? Lucky for you, there's more than one way to shine. Having long been the darling of many a beauty shoot, super glossy lids have now become wearable IRL. And all it takes is a dab of clear lip gloss over your favourite shade. Try the latest pink shadow look, or go for the more toned down but very on-trend peachy tea stain hue. Pro tip: If you want to be ahead of the pack, it's time to get glossy all over. Gloss on the lips, cheekbones and collarbones is an amazing skin pick me up for a healthy-looking glow.

Blurry Red Lips

Red lips are one of the perennial beauty staples but this year's twist makes for much prettier pout. A softer more natural just-bitten look which has also been tagged as baby lips for obvious reasons. Put away the liner, use your fingers to dab your favourite creamy lipstick hue onto the centre of your lips, then grab a cotton bud to diffuse the colour to the outer corners. Finish off with a light touch of gloss in the middle of your pout. Yum!

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Braided Top Knots

If like us you love pouring over all the latest fashion and beauty styles worn by your favourite stars, you would have seen one of this year's most gorgeous hair trends taking over the Golden Globes - the braided updo. See how Lily Collins, Olivia Culpo, Jessica Chastain and Sarah Jessica Parker took the basic braid of the past few seasons to stunning new and fresh creative heights. Big bonus - it's perfect for second-day hair and so easy to do (like us, have you only got 5 minutes in the morning?).

Rainbow Eyes

If you are a true beauty passionista you've tried the new pink eyeshadow trend and fallen in love with it - right? Well happy days - you can now try out some new shades. Know that eyes are poised to have a big moment in 2017 and one of the most striking trends is playing with all colours of the rainbow which is just oh-so-pretty. Whether it's shadow or liners, go for a single soft sweep across your lids (blue is still big for this year - part of the 80's throwback trend) or mix and match complimentary or contrasting hues.

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Glitter Strobing

This year is all about glitter, glitter everywhere. Don't tell us we didn't warn you. The latest and greatest (and oh-so-daring) is glitter strobing.  As contouring fell out of favour, strobing grew into a huge trend last year thanks to Insta-friendly celebs like Khloé Kardashian and Gigi Hadid. Now MAC Cosmetics senior artist, Regan Rabanal, has taken it to a new level. First apply a strobing cream, then a highlighter and finally a few sprinkles of fine glitter. Try it on your cheekbones, eyelids, cupids bow - and even your décolleté...

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Big Brows

Brows have gotta be one of the biggest beauty news items of 2016. They even made the top 10 most googled beauty questions of last year. And if anything, they will become even bigger in 2017. With the fixation on how to get brows more like Cara Delevingne, beauty aficionadas hustled to find the best ways to get theirs more on fleek. Enter microblading which has gone from zero to hero almost overnight. Although a bit pricey, this semi-permanent tattooing technique will take your brows from so-so to WOW in one easy step.

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Ash Blonde & Grey Balayage

Last year it was the turn of rose gold and rainbow hair colour hues. This year the hottest shades to try are ash blonde and grey - yes: this one's still very much around and looking even more super sophisticated as time goes on. Sometimes these shades are seen as ombré, but more and more often as balayage (ombré’s little sister) which came into its own in 2016. Balayage is the art of 'painting' the locks to subtly scatter and naturally blend colour throughout the hair.

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Big Blush

After hiding in your makeup drawer for many years, it's time to bring out your favourite blush brush. Part of the resurgence in 80's beauty is the rise and reawakening of blush. Blend it upwards from your cheekbones to the sides of your temples and then onto your jawline and neck. Or go for a touch of volume on the apples of your cheeks. Also known as draping which is basically the art of sculpting your face with blush. Have we been doing it all wrong all along?

Charcoal Masks

Over the past few years' turmeric has been king. Now the more recent charcoal mask trend is poised to blow up. The reason why is not surprising. Touted as the skin cure-all for anything from acne and blackheads to eczema, activated charcoal can also be used on teeth and in juice. Its detox benefits have been known by medical specialists for years. It basically acts like a magnet - when dirt and oil come in contact with carbon, they stick to it and get washed away when you rinse. Big bonus: while you can buy ready-made charcoal masks, there are also masses of natural DIY options.
If you can't get enough of all the new trends take a peek at this story from Allure - The New Beauty Innovations to Expect in 2017 - for all the insider predictions from five top beauty experts.

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