The proven path to acne free skin book

The proven path to acne free skin book

Want to get rid of your acne - forever? Now you can.

Imagine how much easier (and happier) your life would be if you could just get rid of your acne - once and for all? Well you can - all the answers you need to solve your problem are in 'The Proven Path to Acne Free Skin'. This book will help you:
  • Understand exactly why you have acne.
  • Uncover your specific acne type.
  • Identify the underlying root cause of your precise problem.
  • Adjust any diet, health and lifestyle factors to fix this problem.
  • Choose the best skin care products and medical treatment for your exact acne type.
  • Know what not to do.


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Valda Noble is a seasoned skin care, cosmetics and beauty expert with over 30 years’ first-hand experience in the development of beauty and personal care products and services which address the problems and needs of all women. She worked at both Unilever and Revlon and is acknowledged as one of the top beauty gurus in South Africa. Her passion for the industry and deep understanding of the beauty challenges many women face resulted in her pioneering the development of skin care and colour cosmetics products specifically for Black women in South Africa.

It was through her close work with women and their various beauty problems that she realised there was a scarcity of really good help for young women starting their beauty journey - as well as many women who never received the correct advice when they were younger. This led her to found BeYou[tiful] which focusses on delivering expert and in-depth advice on all beauty problems including skin care, makeup, hair, body and health issues.

It was only when she started having an enormous number of requests to help with acne problems that she realised single sources of help which guided people on a holistic quest for clearer skin were limited. This prompted her to write this book - a one stop option covering all the causes and recommended treatment.