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How to Detox Your Skin and Body Back to A Healthy Glow

11 Jan, 2018
By Daniela Massenz
You’ve had a good holiday blowout with too much sun, partying and late nights, but your skin, hair and body are like to be suffering some fallout. Follow our beauty detox/recovery plan to get a healthy, glowing you.
Last year was a tough year for many people, and there was a sense of desperate longing for the holidays. But how you spent those holidays could have an impact on your skin’s condition a few weeks later. If escapism involved heavy partying into the early hours, not to mention overindulgence in rich food, you could be paying the price with skin that looks sluggish, puffy, oily and congested.
Besides being a prized beauty asset and main barrier against the outside world, your skin is an organ of elimination, and if you have signs of puffiness or spots, it’s time to give it a thorough detox.

Renew Your Skin

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Detox Your Eyes

Good times and late nights may have left you with tired eyes, puffiness and dark circles. Brighten, refresh, reduce these with BioNike Defence Anti Bags & Dark Circle Eye Cream or L’Oréal Skin Perfection Anti-Fatigue Eye Awakening and Correcting Cream. Use the Skin Republic Brightening Eye Mask once a week or before a big event.

Feed Your Face

  • Repair sun damage. Choose a skin treatment rich in antioxidants like polyphenols, vitamin C and E, etc., to help your skin recover from sun exposure. Try BioNike Defence Hydra5 Opthydra Moisturiser Multiple Action or the Eucerin Q10 Active range.

  • Nourish. If summer is leaving your feeling skin dry and dehydrated, try feeding it with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids found in baobab oil, which is also an excellent moisturiser. We like Soil Organic Baobab Oil.

  • Rehydrate. The common denominator underlying skin that’s oily, spotty, reactive or feeling dry is dehydration, most likely. It’s important that its natural moisture levels are topped up and that you prevent water escaping from its surface. Skin that’s properly hydrated can do its job much more effectively. We recommend Bioderma Hydrabio Mask, which can be used as an intensive course daily, if necessary. It’s so gentle, you don’t even have to tissue it off if your skin sucks it up greedily.

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Steam Clean

Steaming in the salon and at home is a controversial subject. Some say it liquifies oils and the perspiration helps draw deep-seated waste from the pores, helping to clear blockages. But others say it can harm your skin. Both opinions are probably correct.

It should be avoided if: if you have acne that flares up in hot, humid conditions, as some forms of bacteria love steam and heat; if your skin is very sensitive and you are prone to dilated capillaries (broken veins), or have acne or rosacea.
  • DIY steam facial: Pour boiling water into a large bowl or basin. Bend over it and cover your head with a towel for five to 10 minutes – don’t get too close. Add some eucalyptus oil to the water if you’re feeling a bit congested, or camomile oil if you want to relax. If it feels too hot or uncomfortable, stop doing it. If the steam is too hot, you risk scorching of skin and permanent dilation of pores.

  • A steam bath or sauna once weekly is great for top-to-toe elimination, but if you have respiratory problems or a heart condition, you should only do these with your doctor’s permission.

Detox Your Hair

Crowning it all, your hair looks frazzled after a summer of swim and sun. Chlorine and salt water are seriously drying and damaging to your hair - look like straw much? You need to start a serious detox and repair programme...
Give your hair a rest from harsh treatments like full highlights and Brazilians. If you need colour, have a semi-permanent one, which boosts the condition while your hair recovers. If you have highlights, just touch up the roots. If it’s very badly damaged, have a good trim and start afresh.

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Lymph It Up

Your body’s lymphatic system is in charge of moving water, protein, electrolytes and white blood cells around your body. It also moves toxins in the body to the lymph nodes where they’re redirected into the bloodstream or out of the body through sweat, so it’s your personal detox system, but it sometimes needs a helping hand.
  • Dry skin brushing is a great, easy way to encourage lymph drainage on the body, and so eliminate toxins. It stimulates movement of fluids and breaks down congestion in areas where lymph flows sluggishly and toxins gather. It relieves puffiness and can help reduce cellulite, smoothing and toning the skin.

    Do it in the shower, before you turn on the water. Using a soft, natural bristle brush, work it over your body in long, sweeping movements. Always work towards your heart. Start at the soles of your feet and work up your legs. Do your arms and torso, then do your abdomen with clockwise strokes. Now do your back. When you start, keep the pressure relatively gentle until your body becomes used to it.

    Some experts believe you shouldn’t do this for too long a time, so do one month of daily skin brushing, then take a week’s break every month.

  • Apply your chosen moisturiser or anti-cellulite product afterwards. Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil is a blend of cleansing and diuretic essential oils. Rub these on any areas that are retaining fluid and have cellulite, as often as needed.

Sea Bath

  • Thalassotherapy treatments are good for detoxing the skin as sea water and seaweed have similar minerals and trace elements to blood, allowing the skin to absorb them.

    DIY by soaking in a warm bath with two cups of Mineral Line Dead Sea Bath Crystals. You can make your own in a pinch by using sea salt. Put on some soothing music and place a few drops of relaxing aromatherapy oils in a burner and feel yourself float away.

  • Hydrotherapy incorporates treatments using alternating hot and cold water that alternately stimulate and relax, invigorating and toning skin and boosting circulation.

    DIY by targeting a high-power shower jet at your body, alternating hot and cold for maximum effect.


A summer in your favourite Havaianas or strappy heels can leave your heels hard and crusty, not to mention with dry and rough skin.
Give them a soak in the foot spa (DQuip Luxurious Foot Spa) to soften the hard skin, then do some gentle exfoliation (Stepping Out Foot Scrub Mint). For seriously hard heel skin, have a go with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File, but don’t be too aggressive or you could end up with tender feet.
Lastly, slather on heel balm afterwards and nightly to keep the skin soft and smooth. We like the classic Eulactol Heel Balm and Freeman Barefoot Heel and Callus Balm.
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Try A Home Spa Day

After all that overindulging, it’s good to reset for the year by cleansing away the old to make space for the new, and a massage or pedi is always good thing, no matter what time of the year or reason…
Round up a few of your girl friends to indulge in a much-needed home spa pampering session. Include manis, pedis, face or hair masking - or whatever appeals to you. We all know that some girls time out is good for the soul. Don’t forget to include some easy to prepare healthy detox smoothies to round off your day.
And if you are prepared to commit a few days to really cleanse out your entire system, try Well & Good’s ‘The 3-Day Detox That’ll Jump-Start Your Mind and Body’.
Happy new you!
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