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Hot Right Now: The New Smoky Eye Trends You Need to Try

11 Apr, 2017
By BeYou[tiful]

Seductive smoky eyes have long been the LBD of the beauty world. But even the classics need a bit of an update very now and again. The winter 2017 makeup trends take the smoky to new heights with more intensity (modern goth here we come), added colour and enhanced smudging on the bottom lash line. And many of the runway MUA’s upped their creativity with some intriguing designs (a nod to Chanel!) and graphic art.

If you've ever had a disastrous smoky eye attempt which made you look bit like a ghoul and so are now a little hesitant about taking the leap, we've made in even easier for you. You've always matched your foundation to your skin tone - right? Exactly the same principle applies to the shadow you wear. For instance, a yellow-orange shadow on a pale fair skin just doesn't work. So we have some tips on which of the runway trends would be best suited to your skin tone. Turns out this is the key to mastering the sexy sultry smoky for the ultimate in seductive appeal.

Many of us make a mistake of thinking our skin tone is defined by skin colour - light, medium or deep. But it's so much more than that. The most important thing is in fact skin undertone. If you stand in front of a mirror and you see predominantly 'yellow/olive' tones, then you are considered warm toned. However, if it looks 'pink/blue' in hue then you are a cool toned girl. Your jewellery choice often gives a hint of your skin tone - if you are warm you will look better in gold, while cooler undertones are more suited to silver. Finally, if you sunburn easily your skin will be cool; but those of you who tend to tan as opposed to burn will be warmer toned girls. A hint - the majority of South Africans have warmer skin tones.

So, it doesn't matter if you have an ivory cool complexion like Emma Stone or a radiant warm ebony shade like Lupita Nyong'o, you will find your perfect smoky eye amongst the seven go-to fashion forward looks of the season...

#1. Black Out

Smoky has just become much more intense with heavy blacked out smouldering eyes and a nod to a highlight on the inner corners for a little lift. Intense black will be a little heavy for fair skinned cool toned girls; rather try a cool grey charcoal shade.  Make your eyes the hero by pairing with a nude lip.

#2. Copper Lids

The shadow colour of the season, copper, is not only versatile but brings a gorgeous warmth and glowy metallic finish to all skin tones. Pair with taupe if you are a cooler toned girl and a rich brown for warmer skin tone. Finish off with a dusting of very on trend glitter sparkle.

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#3. Modern Goth

For the bold of heart who like making big statements. Go seriously smudgy with morning after eyes - black will suit most of us but fair skins should stick with charcoal or dark grey. Or smoke your eye from lash to brow with an intense black - only for those with a medium, olive or deep skin colour. Be adventurous and try bleached brows for the latest look.

#4. Classic Twists

Add some interest to your smoky with interesting lid to brow designs, negative space wings and contour crease statements. A taupe shade would be perfect for cooler skin tones, especially if they are fair, while warmer girls would be better off with a rich brown. Time to let your inner artist free.

#5. Bejewelled

Smoky goes coloured with the lively blues and intense greens of the season. Bright clear sky or royal blue and forest green hues are more suited to cool toned girls while warm skins love turquoise and teal or moss green. Experiment with a light scattering of glitter on your cheekbones to add #instaglam to your next night out.

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#6. Upside Down

This season the smoky eye gets an update with an even smokier bottom lash line. Not quite those super sultry bedroom eyes but very close for the ultimate in seduction. A look suited to all skin tones. However, fair cool-toned girls should mute their smoky to a softer dark grey rather than a dense black.

#7. Blushed Eyes

Blush comes into its own bringing warmth and glow to your smoky eye. Experiment with tones ranging from brick red all the way to magenta. For more drama, pair with a smoky lip. Warm toned girls will suit bright and browny-brick reds and deep magentas, while cooler tones should stick with more blue-pink hues and plums. See how to get Kendall Jenner's blushed eye look here.

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