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The Latest (and Greatest) Beauty Buzz Terms You Need to Know

17 Nov, 2016
By BeYou[tiful]
Ever heard of blurring, tightlining, multimasking or plopping? Don't worry if you have absolutely no clue.

The beauty world is always dreaming up new techniques and technology - it's almost impossible to keep up. Some of them are fly-by-nights and disappear as fast as they emerge, while others are evergreen.

To help you catch up on your beauty slang, we've picked not only the latest but also the greatest - you'd be surprised at how many have actually been around for a while.


If you have always been into foil highlighting but hate the hassle of regular touch-ups, balayage - meaning to 'sweep' or 'paint' in French - is for you. An increasingly popular technique of highlighting naturally where the colourist paints the hair by hand, starting mid shaft and then scattering the highlights all about for a more sun kissed look. It blends in far better with your natural hair than its big sister, ombré, and requires less visits to the salon.

Another natural highlighting technique which mimics the hair colour of small children (hence the name), babylights are very soft and subtle highlights best suited to fine hair. A perfect option to frame your face with light and sprinkle your hair with stardust...


A technique which makeup artists have been using for years, baking involves using powder to set your makeup. Often used under the eyes (also known as sandbagging), it uses the warmth of your skin to 'set' your makeup. Using a damp sponge, lightly apply a generous layer of powder over your makeup and concealer, leave it to sit (bake) for 10 minutes and then brush off the excess. Be aware - it was developed to ensure a picture-perfect look under the harsh glare of photographic studio lights so can go horribly wrong if you are a touch heavy handed.


Blurring makeup is a real-life Instagram filter (at last - I hear you cry!).  For those who are tired of spending hours trying to get that blur just right, here's how to get your makeup to do it for you - all the time. To blur means to prime or set your skin with a 'blurring' product that creates a pore-less, satiny, photoshopped finish. Stock up with primers and light refracting bases to minimise those pores, control shine, and optically blur skin to appear softer and smoother. A no-brainer no-makeup look just perfect for summer.

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A dupe is a product which is a similar colour, consistency and finish compared to the original - but cheaper (Yay!).  While their more expensive partners-in-crime often last longer and have more impressive benefits, dupes are the answer for us girls who either regularly have moths (and not money) flying out of our purses or because the product is often not available locally.  Check out @dupethat for regular pics of swatches of dupes versus the original.

Cut Crease

Cut crease eye makeup has been around for a while but is still popular as a seriously glam evening look. Drawing a little on the negative space concept, it involves applying a lighter shade on your lids, and sandwiching this between a super sharp, deep and dramatic contour in your crease and a well-defined winged liner lifting up at the outer corners of your eyes. It’s quite a tricky look to master and we strongly suggest you practice beforehand with a good tutorial.

Draping and Tontouring

If non-touring sounds a little too 'au naturel' for you, you can try one of two other contouring spinoff techniques. Draping is the art of using two complementary blushers to sculpt those cheekbones - working the colour upwards to your temples to slim down your face. Tontouring/tantouring is a semi-permanent option which uses self-tan to sculpt under those cheekbones - perfect for lazy girl makeup days. Just be very careful with the application - you don't want to look lopsided.

Double Cleanse

A method of cleansing skin Eastern girls have been using for years but only recently made popular with the Korean beauty trend (now we know why their skins look so flawless). It involves first using an oil-based cleanser to remove oil-soluble makeup and things like sunscreen, and then a foaming cleanser for a more thorough overall cleanse to wash away all the daily dirt, grime and pollution. We know. It's hard enough to cleanse once let alone twice - but it only has to be done at night and is totally worth the time investment. Trust us.

Lived In

Lived in hair colour is basically a much cooler and more grown up version of ombre. Developed by LA celebrity hair colourist, Johnny Ramirez, the hair transformation process takes about 6 hours(whoa!) but is absolutely worth it as you then don't have to colour your hair for another 6 months. So, you might have to save up for 6 months to afford the whole day process, but you can then live with super chic hassle free hair for the next 6. Not a bad trade off...

Micellar water

Micellar water is made up of tiny micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. Micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they draw out impurities without drying the skin, making micellar water a little bit of a three-in-one - a face wash, makeup remover and a moisturizer. A big plus is that you don’t have to rinse it off.
The product was popular decades back when plumbing (and water supplies) were in short supply. Translated into today? It's great for travelling or camping when water is scarce.  Being very gentle and hydrating, it's also perfect for everyday use on dry and sensitive skins. Our oily skin girls will however find it's better to stick with a good foaming cleanser.

Microblading/3D Embroidery

When you've tried every single pencil, gel and brow brushing technique and your brows are still off fleek you may think of microblading (also known as 3D embroidery) - a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique which fills those gaps in your brows with light feathery strokes to create subtly defined and full, beautifully arched brows. If you look after them, it can last up to three years.

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Another beauty routine which has been popularised by the Korean beauty trend, and which makes so much sense. Most of us have combo skins so it really isn't right to slather the hydrating mask we need for our cheeks over our oily T-zone. We need a clay mask to tighten those pores and combat that oil. Enter multi-masking - using multiple masks at once. You might look a bit like a patchwork quilt but your skin will thank you for it...

Negative Space

Seen all over the runways for the past few seasons, the negative space trend started with nails. After starting with wash of nude/clear polish over the whole nail, delicate shapes, lines or mini icons are painted on in bold colour to offset the pale base, leaving a whole lot of 'blank' space on the nail and a super sophisticated finish. The trend has now extended to eyes - either as a cats eye where a dramatic outline is drawn and not filled, or a streak of coloured liner along the full eye crease and nothing else.


Non-touring came about as a backlash following all the hectic-ness of contouring. It basically says what it means - no more contouring. No more bronzers or blush on your face - just a perfectly dewy glow. Prep your skin with a primer, do a little colour correcting, and that's it. You can include a little highlighting - focus on your cheekbones, or use an illuminating foundation for a perfect shimmery finish. See why Cosmo calls it spanx for the skin...

Ombré Lips

While we have moved on from basic ombré hair, the trend has endured in lips (as well as cheeks where it is also known as draping). The basic technique behind ombré is to use two different tonally matched colours to create a multidimensional look. Be aware - it needs a lot of blending to avoid looking tacky. A little careful shading using a darker colour on the outer edge of your lips with a lighter hue inside can however totally make your pout pop. A sophisticated bold look for your next GNO.

Plopping/Rough Drying

Plopping (or plunking) is basically a no-heat method of drying your curly hair - it keeps your curls intact, boosts volume and reduces frizz. Starting with damp hair and a little curl defining mousse, you basically 'plop' or wrap your hair in a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt and then allow it to dry. Rough drying is where you blow dry using your fingers instead of a brush to style. If done right you can amp up the volume for beautiful, bouncy hair or choose to style unevenly for a messy tousled look. If you're worried about heat styling damage (which you probably should be), these two options couldn't be more spot-on.


Imagine a super long stiletto which is squared off just at the end? Enter the squareletto. Trending strongly on the runways, this shape is for those of you who are slightly intimidated by the super sharp stiletto tip, and who don’t want the ‘heaviness’ of coffin nails. The squared off end also makes them much more functional and wearable than the basic stiletto. No more jabbing your (or anyone else’s) eyes out...

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Tightlining/Root Stamping

Known as 'invisible eyeliner', tightlining is one of the hottest new trends in 2016. It involves lining the waterline underneath the inner upper lash and in between the roots of your lashes to create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes. Root stamping is all about concentrating your mascara at the roots of your lashes. By pressing your wand against both top and bottom roots a few times (don't pull the wand through!), not only does it make your lashes look thicker, it also lifts them at the base. Yay! No need for lash extensions any longer...

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We're sure you must have some fave trends - either from these or many others out there. Let us know the best you use in the feedback box below...

Baking for Dark Under Eye Circles


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Do you have a beauty problem that’s really bugging you? Ask our experts now