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Secrets on How to Create Awesome Lashes (Without Going Fake)

29 Jan, 2019
By Andie Reeves
If you had to choose just one item from your make up bag to use in a beauty emergency chances are it would be your trusty mascara. Just a slick of the stuff will instantly make you look more awake and add definition to the oh-so-important eye area.
False lashes are an amazing way of seriously upping the eye drama, but who has the time and coordination skills required to apply falsies every day? If you crave the wide-eyed look that fake lashes give you but not the hassle involved there are a few tips and tricks that will help give your lashes the thick and full effect - without the glue.

Tip #1. Make a mascara cocktail

If you want lashes that look like they have more than just a layer of mascara on, well, then you're going to have to use more than just a layer of mascara! Mascaras come in so many varieties, from volumising to lengthening, curling to waterproof, and there’s no reason why you can't use them all.
For curly lashes that stay put all day start with a curling formula like Rimmel Super Curler Mascara then add a coat of waterproof mascara on top. For an ultra thick look use a primer then a volumising mascara on top. If you use a thickening mascara but don’t like spidery, clumpy lashes, then comb through them with a lash comb afterwards to de-clump while still keeping the volume.

Tip #2. Change direction

You're so used to applying it in an upward direction that you've probably never even thought of changing the motion of your mascara application method.

Apply to the inner corner of your eyes as usual but on the outer corners pull your lashes out and to the side. This will give you a cat-eye effect (add extra oomph with a feline flick of liquid eyeliner), as though you've stuck false lashes on the outside of your eye.

Try Revlon Ultimate All in One Mascara for maximum all out lashes.

Tip #3. Get your curl on

We think it's a crime how much the eyelash curler is neglected in beauty routines.

Carefully clamp your lashes before you apply mascara - hold for 3 seconds for each lash. Then apply a curling mascara using a rolling motion (by twisting the wand with your fingers) as you sweep on the product. Before it dries, gently press the ends of your lashes backwards to add extra definition to the curl.

Never use an eyelash curler after you've put on mascara as there's a chance you could pull out a few of your lashes in the process; Groan!
Pro Tip: Blast your eyelash curler with a little hot air from your hairdryer before you curl your lashes. The heat helps to them hold the curl.

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Tip #4. Add extra volume

One of the best and most doable ways of getting that super thick fake lash effect is by using powder. You could use talcum powder, setting powder, or any loose powder that is translucent or light in colour.

Apply primer to your lashes to make them sticky then use a powder brush to dust powder onto your wet lashes. Let the powder settle for a bit then layer on the mascara until your lashes are black. 

Try L'Oréal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Technology Nourishing Ultra-Lengthening Mascara for both a primer and mascara in one.

Tip #5. Don't wipe off that excess product

Instead of wiping off the extra mascara that sits on the tip of the brush when you take it out of the tube use it to add extra product and volume to your lashes.

Dot the end of the brush along the middle section of your lashes, then apply your mascara as usual to blend it through. Excess product on the actual brush can lead to clumping whereas this way the product is on your lashes already and you're just spreading it out.

Palladio 4D Boost Mascara's big brush also helps disperse the product more evenly on your lashes.

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Tip #6. Find your favourite brush

Don't be afraid to mix and match your mascaras. If you love the look a certain product's brush gives you but aren’t a huge fan of the formula then save the brush and use it with a formula you really love.

For example, if your mascara is always melting off but the brush gives you amazing definition then dip the brush into a waterproof formula like Catrice Prêt à Volume Smokey Waterproof Mascara instead.

Tip #7. Use a comb

The beauty of fake lashes lies in the fact that they are all perfectly defined and spread out, and you can create this effect with your regular lashes too.

Use an eyelash comb before you apply mascara (to prevent them sticking together) as well as afterwards, which will separate them, even-out the formula along your lashes and give you that long, super-defined look you love.

Our pick is Barbara Hofman Professional Eyelash Comb with Brush (you can use the brush to layer on powder for volume before you apply your mascara).

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Tip #8. Fake it a little bit

We know we promised no falsies but we couldn't leave out a little trick where you can get the best of both worlds by combining your mascara with some individual fake lashes.

Add about five at the outer corner of each eye then after the glue has dried use a volumising mascara like Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara to blend them to your regular lashes. The process is relatively easy and the result is super natural.

Tip #9. Wiggle it

You can easily build volume just by changing up the way you apply your mascara. Most of us drag the brush upwards in one sweeping motion, but try wiggling the brush instead.

Start with a layer of mascara on the top of your lashes to help build volume. Then moving to the root of your lashes, slowly make zig-zagging motions as your pull the brush upwards. This helps to add volume at the root and is an effective way of adding more product without it being too heavy.

Our pick for this technique is Essence The False Lashes Mascara Extreme Volume & Curl.

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Tip #10. Try tightlining

Using eyeliner along your waterline can make your eyes appear smaller, but applying it just along the top of your eye, or 'tightlining', adds just the right amount of definition.

Look upwards and carefully, using a dark eyeliner pencil like LA Girl Eyeliner Pencil in Black, colour in the part of your eyelid just underneath your lashes. Combined with a layer of thickening mascara this will add drama to the base of your lashes, where it really counts.

Tip# 11. Prime your canvas

You already know the benefits of using primer on your face before putting on your foundation, now try priming your lashes.

Primer adds an extra layer (meaning way more volume), makes your lashes hold the colour of your mascara really well (so ideal for coloured mascaras or if your lashes aren't naturally black), plus makes it easier to remove your make up at the end of the day. Try the two in one Yardley Maxlash Mascara and Primer.

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