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Things You Need to Know About Applying Liquid Lipstick - Perfectly

07 Dec, 2017
By Andie Reeves
Liquid lipsticks have been a fave for a while now. They give you a flawless finish (often better than some lipsticks) while still being fresh and fun. They are easy to apply, come in amazing shades and best of all have crazy staying power. You can drink, eat, kiss and take a shower and your liquid lipstick will have barely smudged by the end of it.
But, for those of you who have tried them, you may have found that certain things can go wrong and prevent you from having that perfect pout. If your lips aren't super smooth before application, they can look a little clumpy, and normal touch ups are a no-no. But fortunately, these are not game changers - they can be fixed.
Here are some insider tips and tricks on how to pull off liquid lipstick like a pro:

#1. It's Important to Prep Your Lips

Because of its liquid consistency we often think that liquid lipsticks are moisturising our lips. Wrong. In fact, most of them are a matte finish, which has a super drying effect. You need to prep your lips properly to avoid flaking just as much as you should when using regular lipstick.
A weekly lip-exfoliating routine (it's as simple as gently brushing them with a toothbrush) as well as a good nourishing lip balm are essential to prepare your lips for bold colour.

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#2. Outline Your Lips to Prevent Feathering

Once you've applied your liquid lippie you might be dismayed to see it bleeding into the fine lines around your mouth. The liquid formula makes it prime for feathering like this, which is so not the look you want.
So, you want to create a barrier between your lips and the skin around them. Use your stick concealer to line the outside of your mouth before applying; it's called 'reverse lip lining' (a nude toned lip or eye liner will give the same result). You could also line around your mouth with clear eyebrow gel to keep your lip edges crisp.

#3. Flawless Skin Is a Liquid Lipstick’s Best Friend

You already know that if you're going bold on your mouth you should keep the rest of your make up toned down. A striking shade on your lips with a totally bare face, however, just doesn't look right.
If you're going to pull this off you need a perfect complexion, otherwise all the red tones in your lip shade will make your skin's imperfections stand out even more. It doesn't mean you need a full face of make up every time you rock your liquid lipstick, just be sure that you have a bit of BB cream or foundation on too.
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#4. There's an Art to Applying It

A lot of make up artists wouldn't dream of applying lipstick straight from the tube, rather opting to use a brush to get a crisp application. The wand that comes with a tube of liquid lipstick however is ideal for applying your colour.
To get the perfect arches on your top lip use the tip of the wand to make four downward lines: first from each peak of your Cupid's bow at a diagonal (so you have a 'X' in the centre of your lip) then from each peak to the outer corner of your mouth. Next fill the rest of your lip in with long and smooth movements.
To get your lines extra crisp clean your wand with a wet wipe first then dip it back in the tube once. This gets rid of excess and unnecessary product. Also resist the urge to rub your lips together. This actually just moves the colour around and can un-do your careful lining work.
Liquid lipsticks will feel wet for a few minutes before they set so be extra careful not to smudge them in any way while the colour is still setting. They are also hyper pigmented so you’ll only need to apply one layer to totally cover your lips in colour.

#5. Don't Re-Apply

The main point of liquid lipsticks it that they should last you the whole day so you shouldn’t need to re-apply. They generally dry pretty matte so if you do re-apply by layering a fresh coat on top of the old one it leads to crusting and flaking.
Ideally if your lips are in need of a fresh coat you should remove the colour completely and start fresh on clean lips. If you don’t have the time to do that then rather just put a bit of product on your fingertip and gently pat on the areas that need touching up. Or borrow a pro tip which all the makeup artist’s use and touch up with a little tinted balm in the same shade as your lipstick.
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#6. Your Liquid Lippie Can Be Used as A Blush Too

You can get double the product by using your lipstick as a blush too. Blend a dash of your liquid lipstick with a bit of moisturiser, sun cream or even clear lip gloss and work into your cheeks. It creates a gorgeously light cream blush that complements your lips perfectly.

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