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A Gift for You: 20 Amazing Cult Beauty Products on Amazon

23 Nov, 2017
By BeYoutiful vlogger
Hand-picked and carefully curated, we've taken the gamble out of buying new products by selecting cult beauty buys on Amazon all with raving reviews - so you know they work.

How many times have you bought something new only to find it doesn't turn out quite as you expected? A long wear lipstick which doesn't last? A mask which does absolutely nothing for your face? Yes - us too. Our beauty arsenals are littered with failures which eventually have to be donated or turfed. That's why it is always safer to turn to those items which have a cult following - beauty products with so many positive reviews you just know they work.

Cult beauty products earn their status by being so good that beauty gurus and countless reviewers not only rave about them but happily buy again and again. These range from those must-have legendary beauty brands to little known products which may seem new and in some cases, a little odd, but which have tons of raving fans on Amazon. So you know you're buying reliable products which work. And if you're still not sure, just read all the glowing reviews for yourself.

Go on - spoil yourself with a cult beauty gift. You've earned it!

How to Buy on Amazon from South Africa

If you are a newbie to buying on Amazon (or any international site), you may be wondering how it all works. Unfortunately, although they have Amazon Global, they still don’t ship many products direct.

However, there is a simple way around this. By using forwarding services like Aramex Global Shopper, your products get shipped to a US address and then couriered to SA, and they handle the entire shipping and importation process (any item above R500 coming into SA is subject to import duties and tax). And it’s quick too - you can expect your purchase to arrive on average within a week. If you are still a little cautious, see the inside story from one user here.

Do you have a beauty problem that’s really bugging you? Ask our experts now.


Do you have a beauty problem that’s really bugging you? Ask our experts now