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How to Find the Most Perfect Nude Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

22 Sep, 2016
By Cathi Trevor
The nude lip is back in a big way and fast replacing the classic red lip. Incredibly chic when done right it's perfect for when you're wanting a natural or barely-there face or as an accompaniment to a dramatic eye. In a world of amazingly varied skin tones, however, the term 'nude' has infinite meanings and this can make choosing the perfect nude lipstick to rock this summer tricky! Too pale will give you a washed-out look but too dark could make you look like a 90s throwback, and not the good kind.

The first thing to remember is nude lips doesn't mean matching your skin tone but matching your lip colour, which is usually a bit darker than your skin. Some people are brave enough to pull off the exact same shade as their lips but we recommend a shade slightly darker as long as it's a shade that looks natural on you, and unless it’s Halloween you never go for a shade lighter than your skin tone. Also consider the different shades of your lips; some people have darker top lips or corners of their mouths. Use your darkest shade as a reference to avoid the colour being too light and not sitting quite right on some sections of your lips.
Now that you know which is the most flattering nude lipstick for your skin tone, have a look at these fun but weirdly accurate readings from Marie Claire on 'What Your Lip Print Says About You'.

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