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Strobing - The Lazy Girl's Guide to Dewy Fresh Faced Skin

26 Jul, 2016
By BeYou[tiful]
So what is all this fuss about strobing? We’d hardly mastered the art of contouring and when strobing broke into the spotlight (excuse the pun!) early 2015 and is still one of the most searched for make-up terms online. Clearly it’s not a one hit wonder and is here to stay. When you get to know a little bit more about it, it’s easy to see why it is so popular. What girl is going to turn down a simple way to look like ‘I just had a facial’?

Strobing is basically the little sister to contouring. The two techniques are complete opposites.

Contouring involves a fairly complicated process of using light and dark tones to create definition and shadows on the face. Even though it seems relatively new, it has been used by makeup artists for many years and was popularised by the Kardashian sisters (particularly Kim).

It’s inclined to be a fairly heavily made up and sculpted look on the face, and in all truth it is probably better suited to glam nights out on the town and not for every day wear. And it can also be super difficult to achieve without looking like a clown. I’m sure you’ve seen all those Instagram and Pinterest pics with dark and light lines all over the face - hectic!

Also a well-known technique of makeup artists, strobing is the art of strategically highlighting and adding shimmer to create a radiant, fresh and dewy look on the skin. It eliminates contouring entirely.

It’s a much more natural look and can easily be used to enhance your daytime look as well as zhoosh up a night out on the town glam face. The big bonus for those of you who have barely mastered the art of choosing the right foundation or applying your mascara - it’s a much simpler process. And it is an even bigger bonus for dark skins because contouring can sometimes look a bit hectic whereas strobing naturally enhances and highlights the face. Just perfect for all of us who barely have time to slap a face on in the mornings!

Follow these simple steps to amp up your glow.
The Easy Guide to Strobing
Strobing is just a sign of the big 2016 trend toward a more natural fresh faced look. Even Kim Kardashian recently announced the she is hanging up her multi-toned palette (gasp!) and now favours the ‘non-touring’ look instead.

It’s all about a fresher faced, less made-up look and is the go to trend for summer, when everyone wants a more natural glowing look. According to Marie Claire, non-touring is a "more daylight-friendly look (because we know that can be the biggest obstacle of all) - it's all about getting that lit-within-glow using a primer, tinted moisturizer, and highlighter."

Sneak Preview: Hair Strobing Trend

It had to happen. Strobing has also appeared as a big summer 2016 hair trend. Gone are the heavy hair contouring colours of last year and in are natural shiny locks to compliment a dewy complexion.

Good hair strobing can give you a face flattering glow without the need for much makeup. It is a combination of baby glow highlights around the face and balayage colour blended together.  Together with an intensive deep conditioning process this leaves the hair super hydrated, healthy and glowing. Just like skin strobing, the finish is glossy, radiant and hydrated.

At Charles Worthington, they apply the same shade principles to hair as with skin strobing - white to pinky beige tones for clients with fair skin and hair; bronze beige to gold shades on anyone with a medium skin tone and gold, peaches and caramels used for clients with dark skin.

For those of you who would like to get with the trend early with a DIY easy way to achieve the hair strobing effect, just use a root touch up product to instantly lighten the locks around the face.

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