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Insider Tips on How to Make Your Eyes Pop

02 Aug, 2016
By BeYou[tiful]
Clever highlighting, a little bit of colourful liner and a few swipes of mascara. Just a few simple tweaks to your makeup routine is all it takes to emphasize your eyes.

A few easy techniques can alter your eyes to make then look larger, wider and more vibrant. It’s all about how you highlight, accent and define.

STEP #1: Highlight

There’s a really simple reason why makeup pros always manage to make eyes look larger and wider in pics. The secret is to add light. To wake up and lift the eyes, dab a little light pearlescent eyeshadow in three key points - on the centre of both lids, the inner corners of the eyes and underneath the arch of the brows. Golden shades complement yellow and olive skin while warm, cosy cream colours suit skin with pink/blue undertones.

It’s very tempting to create a more dramatic eye look by lining the inner eyelids with a dark liner, but this will make your eyes look about half their size. Invest in a white or flesh toned liner and colour the inner waterline to create a larger than life bright eye effect.

STEP #2: Accent

While it may seem boring and clichéd, the easiest way to create a contrast to highlights is to define your crease. Use a matte mid brown shadow and a fluffy brush to sweep an arc from the centre of your eyes all the way towards the outer corners. To create a touch more definition, blend a little colour close to your outer lash lines, both top and bottom.
Pro Tip:  Avoid adding any dark shadow to the inner third of the eye (top or bottom), which can make eyes look smaller.

Hot right now is the trend towards coloured liners - a simple way to enhance your eye without going OTT. Break out of the black or brown mould and try one of the adventurous hues in right now - shades of blue from bright turquoise to cobalt, a vibrant green or any of the metallics like silver, gold or even a touch of glitter.
For a nice wide eyed almond shape, apply the liner from the inner edges outwards, making it slightly thicker at the outer corners, and flicking it up very slightly at the edges. For some other ideas on how to wear coloured liner have a look this article from Beautezine.

As for shadows, the best approach to pop your eyes is to choose a vibrant pastel shade. Try out the pretty sunset eye trend with a single sweep of pastel coloured shadow across the lids in shades such as pink, lavender, a light aqua blue or tea stained coral. A metallic silver or gold will also lighten and brighten the eye. Add a darker colour blended into the outer corners for a perfect evening look. Just avoid matte formulas, since they tend to look dated and don't reflect light.

STEP #3: Define

One of the best tools in your makeup drawer is the trusty eyelash curler. Natural lashes are normally straight (unless you are one of the very lucky few) so they actually cast a shadow on the eye area. So you should try never miss this step in your beauty routine. It’s so simple to use (and just takes an extra 20 seconds) but has a mega effect. It can immediately make your eyes appear wider and more open.

No matter how good your highlighting, contouring and colour, if your lashes are too full and black your eyes will just disappear into your face. Choose a lengthening formula for the best lash definition and try a brown black shade so the lashes are not too dark. Many pros swear by rubber bristle wands to grab and bulk lashes without clumping.

Work the brush into the top lash line and drag it up and out, then lightly comb through the bottom lashes on the outer edge of your eye. For extra credit, apply an additional swipe near the centre of the upper lash line to really draw the eyes upward.

If you feel you need a liner, then keep it very light.  Heavy dark liner ringing the entire eye makes them disappear into the face.

A thin line can frame your eyes and give your lashes more definition (notice a trend here?).  Liquid eyeliner pens allow for perfect precision and control. Apply a super skinny strip along the base of your upper lashes, finishing with a small up flick at the outer corners.

Anything that accentuates the eyes is going to make them larger. And the most flattering frame for your face is groomed arched eyebrows. Call in the experts if they are bit wonky and you need some help with shaping.

Regularly tweeze away stray hairs both below and above the brows. Fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil then brush brows up and over (this is key) for the most natural, defined shape. About Style Beauty has some simple tips and tricks on how to look after your brows.

Pro Tip: Applying some highlighter above the arches of the brows to ramp up the emphasis.

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