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Perfumes On Trend: Indulge Your Passion for Smelling Good Enough to Eat

13 Jun, 2016
By BeYou[tiful]
Have your cake and wear it... and NOT on your hips!

You must remember walking into your Grandmother or Mother’s kitchen and all your senses being seduced by that wonderful smell of freshly baked cakes, puddings, crispy biscuits...

Now, that’s what pleasure smells like!

Has that same joy not been sparked when you do that girly girl thing and spend hours at the fragrance counter indulging in all the wonderful scents on offer?

Of all our senses, smell has the most invoking powers and that is why we react with delight when smelling fragrances containing gourmand (the hoi poloi description) or for us mere mortals, edible notes at the fragrance counter. It’s a well-known fact that 75% of our emotions are clicked into overdrive by what we smell!

Gourmand/edible notes have been used in fragrance development most significantly since 1921 with the launch of Chanel No. 5. This was closely followed by Guerlain’s Shalimar – which has since been brought into the 21st century by tweaks to the original formula with more modern and updated ingredients. Angel set the world alight in 1992 and still tops the popularity poll of gourmand/edible fragrances all around the globe.

Unlike the originals, edibles are now not only stirring memories of cupcakes and the dessert menu, but also cocktails at sunset, hot summer nights, cold winter nights and quite simply, every other memorable experience!

FACT... everything in life needs to evolve and keep us on our pretty painted little tootsies...

So when you now decide to go and indulge those senses (never forgetting that you are also going to spark joy and entice that special someone in your life), the smart thing to do would be to hurry down to your nearest Dis-Chem (Pharmacists who care) Pharmacy and play the smelling game with the old and new edible trends which include delectable notes such as caramel, cupcakes, burnt sugar, cocktails (think Margarita), chocolate, tonka bean, exotic fruits and berries (think plump, juicy strawberries), coffee, flowers of all descriptions and not forgetting the cornerstones of this category……vanilla and musk.

Go and indulge your senses right now...
We’ll start in the I DON’T care what it costs area
Possibly time for REALITY and COMMON SENSE to kick in... If you’re feeling a little CASH STRAPPED give these a bash...

The possibilities are endless...

GO ON... kick the chill in the butt and cocoon yourself in delectable DELICIOUSNESS!
Note: All compositions mentioned are only a representation of ingredients and not comprehensive.

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Britney Spears Fantasy EDP 100ml
R 645.00

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucree EDT 50ml
R 915.00

YSL Black Opium EDP 50ml
R 1075.00
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