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The “BeYou[tiful]” website is an information-furnishing internet platform that provides tips and product assessments to online visitors. Most of the content is both original and factual, and contains high quality usable information, but may also include articles written by third-parties or product information supplied by the website’s shopping and advertising partners. In each instance, that text will be labelled as such.

The products and other items featured on the BeYou[tiful] website are carefully chosen by the Editor, and are geared towards addressing consumer problems with workable solutions. Particular requests for information related to such products, or your individual problems, can be sent to BeYou[tiful] by email to, and will be answered within seven days of receipt.

Although we display affiliate links to our core retail partner, namely Dis-Chem Pharmacies, this in no way dictates our editorial content and we sometimes even feature products outside of our affiliate network.

In addition, we frequently include advertising displays for beauty and personal care products on the site, and that too will not in any way influence our independent editorial content. On occasion our advertising partners may pay for sponsored advertorial content, but in every such instance, this advertorial will be clearly and distinctly labelled as “sponsored text”.

As a visitor to the BeYou[tiful] website, you are welcome to browse or use the site for your own personal and non-commercial shopping and information-gathering purposes only, but should you be interested in purchasing any of the featured products, you will be encouraged to do so directly from the BeYou[tiful] website. By clicking on the “shop now” link provided on the site, you will be immediately taken to the “Dis-Chem Online Shopping” website, from where you will be able to order your requirements in the usual manner.

Usage of our website for any other purpose whatsoever is not permitted without our prior written consent. The unauthorised use, copying, reproduction, variation, modification or distribution of the content of this website, the uploading of any unlawful or damaging information or viral software to the site, or the creation of any links to our website from any other site whatsoever, is strictly prohibited.

Before using the BeYou[tiful] website, please read through and acquaint yourself with all our COPYRIGHT and other intellectual property protection policies, as well as our PRIVACY POLICIES and DISCLAIMER, as these all apply to our website and other online platforms.
Please take careful note that all intellectual property rights (including copyright and trade mark rights), as embodied in any brand names, logos, images, text, video, audio or other material that appear on this website, are either owned by Beyoutiful Bits (Pty) Ltd. or are specifically licensed to us. In addition, all data and information communicated to, or from, the website (including its database), also belongs solely to us or our licensors.

You agree to sign all documents as we may reasonably require in order to assign any rights that you may acquire in the content of our website. You agree also to waive any moral rights in such content.

You are permitted to view, print or store electronically a copy of any information on our website, including these usage terms, solely for your personal, lawful, non-commercial use. Unauthorised use, reproduction, modification and/or distribution is strictly prohibited and constitutes an unlawful infringement of our intellectual property rights.

You are not permitted to use the content of our website, our logos or any product or other images that appear on our website without our prior written consent. Such unauthorised usage, reproduction, modification and/or distribution thereof, is strictly prohibited and this constitutes an illegal infringement of either our intellectual property rights, or those of our licensors or our primary shopping partners.
Your privacy is very important to us and therefore any information that you upload on our website will be stored on a secure server. By using the BeYou[tiful] website, you are deemed to have agreed to the provisions of our privacy policy, as set hereunder.

Our website makes use of ‘cookies’ which collect data about the device that you use to access our website. The cookies minimise the possibility of unauthorised access to, and disclosure of, your personal information. We will not disclose, sell or rent your personal information to any third-parties without your specific consent, unless we are compelled to do so by law.

You may visit the website without providing any personal information. The website servers will in such instances collect the IP address of your computer, but not the email address or any other distinguishing information. This information is aggregated to measure the number of visits, average time spent at the website, pages viewed etc. Our website hosts use this information to determine the efficacy of the website, and to improve the content thereon.

Although we cannot guarantee the security of the information we collect and receive, we do employ a number of safeguards intended to mitigate the risk of any unauthorised access to, or disclosure of, your information. We will do our best to protect your personal information and we will utilize up-to-date technology that will assist us in doing this, as we value your security.

We use the personal information that we collect and receive from you during your visits to our website, to provide you with information on products and services you request, and to communicate with you for your benefit. We also use the information collected in order to be more effective and relevant in the services we want to provide to you. The information is also used by us to assist us in providing more effective advertising displays, by measuring the effectiveness of the adverts appearing on our website and determining their relevancy.

BeYou[tiful] strives to provide you with a dynamic and interactive experience on all our Platforms. It is our aim to keep you informed and entertained by presenting you with both the latest and most relevant news and content. One of the ways we do this is by analyzing information we collect and receive from you in order to determine what you might be interested in. This helps us develop more engaging content and provide advertising that is more suited to you and more effective for our advertisers, which enables us to keep most of our services free.
We do our best to provide you with the most accurate information on the Internet. However, we are NOT LIABLE for any losses or damages that may occur through your use of this information, or the services and products featured on this website or any of our affiliated websites. BeYou[tiful] does not make any representation, nor can we guarantee any of the information appearing on our site. It is possible that postings on the website may have some errors or inaccurate information. However, the information we feature is carefully selected and researched, in order for us to share usable and problem-solving information with you.

All the images that appear on the Site are copyrighted by their respective owners. We may link to other sites or mention the copyright owners of these images. However, we take no control or responsibility for the source, and we claim no credit for such images, unless noted. [If you own the rights to any image that appears on our website and do not wish them to appear on BeYou[tiful], please contact us and they will be immediately removed.]

The BeYou[tiful] website and newsletter platforms contain links to and from other websites for your benefit. However, we cannot be responsible for the privacy and payment practices of these third-parties, and you are advised to read through the privacy statements of every such third-party website.

Although the BeYou[tiful] website contains direct purchasing links to our shopping partners, such as Dis-Chem Pharmacies, the purchases you make courtesy of our website, are subject to the ‘Terms and Conditions of Sale,’ as published by each respective shopping partner on their own websites. Products or services that are featured on our website should only be regarded as being recommended by us, if they are specifically labelled as such. We cannot guarantee that any products highlighted on the BeYou[tiful] website are available, or in stock, but we will always endeavour to ascertain their availability before highlighting such products.

Similarly, we cannot guarantee the availability or price of any products or services that are advertised on our website or newsletters.

Important Medical Disclaimer: The information contained on BeYou[tiful] is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by a medical specialist and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before making changes to your diet or taking supplements that may interfere with medications.

Do not use any information provided on this site without consulting with your doctor. The use of the information on this site is solely at your own discretion. BeYou[tiful] doesn’t assume any liability for any loss happened due to the misinterpretation of the information.

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