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How Choosing the Best Blush Is the Key to Always Looking Awesome

06 Jul, 2017
By Andie Reeves
One of the most underrated heroes of your make up bag is the blusher. If you're guilty of skipping this step you're missing out on taking your look to the next level, plus you're not doing your cheekbones any favours.

Adding tones of pinks and reds to your cheeks is the fastest and easiest way to always look fresher and younger. But it's not just about adding a touch of colour to your face (which we can all benefit from, especially in the colder months) but when used correctly blush can also create the illusion of cheekbones.

When it comes to selecting a shade it's not as simple as picking any old pinkish hue though; there are so many variations to choose from, from magenta to rose, warm reds to cool pinks, and everyone's colouring will react differently.

Read our guide to selecting the best blush to complement your skin tone, choose the one that best suits you, then arm yourself with a good brush and get blushing.

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Fair Skin

If you're super pale then you can really benefit from a dusting of blush. The right tone will save you from looking washed out, warm up your complexion, and make you look less tired.

Fair Skin - The Pinks

If you've got pink undertones you probably shy away from the blusher, as you feel you don’t need any more pink on your cheeks, but a cool pink tone will actually work really well on you. When it comes to blusher you want it to look as natural as possible, kind of like you're blushing ever so slightly, so pale and soft pastel pinks will match your colouring best. One to try is Physicians Formula Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Blush in Natural. A good tip when choosing your shade is you can take your cue from the pink colour of the inside of your lip!

Fair Skin - The Peaches

Peach is a safe bet for most skin tones as it looks great on pretty much everyone, and if you have pale skin with yellow undertones it will look uber natural on you. A good option is Essence Mosaic Blush in Miss Floral Coral. Combine it with a stroke of bronzer for added warmth. If you’ve got pale skin you need a blush that isn’t too harsh, so choose products that have shimmer to them, are easy to blend, and generally powder formulas, as they are more light-weight.

Fair Skin - The Plums

If you want a look that is more night-time than natural choose a plum shade. The blue undertones suit your light skin if you have cool undertones and the darker shade is great for contouring cheek bones. Dab a bluey/pink stain (like LA Girl Velvet Blush Contour Stick in Plush) in the hollows of your cheeks and blend well.

Essence Mosaic Blush
Miss Floral Coral 

LA Girl Velvet Blush Contour Stick

Physicians Formula Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Blush

Medium Skin

Medium Skin - The Berries

While pale skin works well with soft and gentle pinks, your skin is a few shades darker and so your blush should be too. A dark pink, berry-like stain (like LA Girl Velvet Blush Stick in Crushed Berry) will give you the perfect balance between vibrant and dull to suit your medium tones. You can use pretty much any blush formula but creamy textures work best for you as they aren’t too subtle but aren’t too bold.

Medium Skin - The Peaches

Women with a medium skin tone can also pull off peachy shades. Another fruity-themed colour that works is apricot, namely for those who have golden undertones to their skin. The warm hint of orange plays up your golden glow, which looks even more amazing when paired with a shimmery bronzer. Orange is more subtle than a red and closer to your skin tone, so it's perfect for if you want to look natural, or for setting a neutral palette if you want to get dramatic with the rest of your make up. Try Essence Matt Touch Blush in Peach Me Up!

Medium Skin - The Mauves

Medium skin girls with yellow undertones would do well to choose a mauve blush. Go with a slightly muted version like Revlon Powder Blush in Orchid Charm; anything bolder could look clown-ish. Mauve is on the cooler side of pink so be sure to choose cool colours for your eyes and lips to avoid any colour clashing.

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Essence Matt Touch Blush
Peach Me Up! 

LA Girl Velvet Blush Stick
Crushed Berry

Revlon Powder Blush
Orchid Charm

Olive Skin

Olive Skin - The Bronzes

You're in luck; bronzer will work amazingly as a blush on your glowy, golden skin. Use a darker shade like LA Girl Velvet Bronzer Contour Stick in Brazen Bronze in the hollows of your cheeks, blending out towards your ear. Then take a slightly lighter shade, and blend it just above (along your actual cheekbone) to add serious definition. The darker your skin tone then more strokes of bronzer you can apply. The result will be a beautiful combination of natural and shimmery.

Olive Skin - The Peaches

Olive skin can be varied in terms of light and dark, but always have a green undertone and the right hue of blush can do wonders to complement or correct that. Give yourself a healthy look with a warm peachy shade. Stick to pure peach tones such as Palladio Matte Blush in Toasted Apricot, as anything too orange or too pink might look unnatural. Everyone's skin is slightly different and blush comes in so many subtle variations so be sure to test out a wide variety before settling on your perfect product.

Olive Skin - The Roses

If you worry about looking sallow you can correct this with a touch of rose. Rose tones sit between pink and red and generally suit olive-skinned women. Rose has a playful, childlike quality to it so will both add warmth to your face and make you look younger, which we’re always happy about! Try Revlon Powder Blush in Ravishing Rose.

Palladio Baked Bronzer
Caribbean Tan

Palladio Matte Blush
Toasted Apricot

Revlon Powder Blush
Ravishing Rose

Dark Skin

If you have dark skin blush is not only a way to give you a subtle flush but a chance to be playful with colour as you can pull it off. Your skin creates a great palette for creating striking colour contrasts so don't be afraid to select bold shades.

Dark Skin - The Berries

Bright berry tones work well if you have red undertones, just be sure to use a vibrant shade, anything else won’t stand out enough. Use powder formulas with strong pigments that will stay in place all day, and shimmery shades are great for adding dimension and making subtle colours stand out more on you. A perfect choice would be L'Oreal True Match Blush in Rose Amour. However, if you prefer a cream, try LA Girl Velvet Blush Stick in Crushed Berry which will suit your skin perfectly.

Dark Skin - The Orange Reds

Do you have yellow undertones to your dark skin? Your complexion is one of the few that can rock a fierce shade of red and orange and look amazing while doing so! The LA Girl Velvet Blush Contour Stick in Pinch Me is a stunning orange-y red shade which will give you that sought-after warm glow, especially when paired with a bronzer. This shade is also perfect for concealing undereye dark circles on a dark skin.

Dark Skin – The Brick Reds

A terracotta or brick red shade is another tone that really works for ebony skin, especially if you have warm undertones. Yardley Blush in Safari Sunset is a good choice for your skin Swirl onto the apples of your cheeks for a cute and youthful look. Remember that anything too pastel, pink or pale will look ashy on you.

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LA Girl Velvet Blush Contour Stick
Pinch Me

L'Oreal True Match Blush
Rose Amour 

Yardley Blush
Safari Sunset

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